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“A totally professional service from the first phone call to the last cockroach. D-Tec was 100% committed to their service”


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  • Immediate 24 hours response to Termites
  • We offer you free quotes and pest advice
  • We offer competitive prices and packages
  • Our equipment is the latest in technology
  • Trustworthy and professional service
  • We are fully insured and licensed #1071312
  • High quality treatments and inspections


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Pest Warning for Ticks

Pest Warning for Ticks TICKS Pet Owners please beware that it is now peak season for Ticks.  These blood-sucking parasites increase when the weather condition is favourable such as after rain and when there is [...]

Protect your family from Mosquitoes.

Protect your family from Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are the most dangerous insect in the World. This time of the year in the Sunshine State we are all out and about doing recreational or social activities. While [...]

  • flying termites
  • flying termite

Flying Termites in Brisbane

Flying Termites in Brisbane In Brisbane flying Termites usually swarm between November and April. They usually have their colonising flight when we have ideal conditions such as moderate temperatures and high humidity. https://youtu.be/cO3SJQFI44w Around [...]

How To Control Toads

How To Control Toads   Toads excrete a potent and rapidly acting toxin from glands around the neck area which is a little bit like a hallucinogenic drug. This poison it excretes is damaging to [...]

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