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“A totally professional service from the first phone call to the last cockroach. D-Tec was 100% committed to their service”


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  • Immediate 24 hours response to Termites
  • We offer you free quotes and pest advice
  • We offer competitive prices and packages
  • Our equipment is the latest in technology
  • Trustworthy and professional service
  • We are fully insured and licensed #1071312
  • High quality treatments and inspections


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How Toads are poisonous.

How Toads are poisonous. Cane Toads were introduced into Australia in 1935 to control the beetles in the sugar cane plantations. They have now become a nightmare in Australia as they now eat large numbers [...]

Processionary Caterpillars Warning

Dangers of Processionary Caterpillars If you've noticed an influx of these hairy Processionary Caterpillars around your area you are not alone. Late summer and early autumn is when we usually see them. A group of the Caterpillars [...]

Termites Brisbane – protect your home.

Termites Brisbane - 7 Prevention Tips you can do to help protect your home.   Termites Brisbane - Protect your home   Termites Brisbane cause more damage than flood, fire or earthquakes.  Due to [...]

Top 10 Pest Tips for your home!

Must read Pest Tips to help you and your family. These pest can transmit diseases & give you and your family numerous health problems, they can damage your home and cost you thousands of dollars, make your [...]

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